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It is well known that the quality and durability of the artificial yarn is crucial to the quality and durability of artificial grass. Prettie Grass has exported artificial yarn since 2014 and provides reliable yarn quality. The acceptance from worldwide tufting factories and the long-standing export experience are very good proof of our quality. Basically we extrude and export 3 types of fibers: straight yarn, curly yarn and fibrillated yarn.

  • Straight Yarn:

Straight yarn play an important role in the composition of artificial grass and is widely used in sports grass and landscape grass. It is normally made from polyethylene(PE) which is soft, durable and UV stable. Straight yarns are extruded through a spinneret. The die hole of the spinneret determines the cross section of the blades. The cross section can be designed in the shapes of rectangle, C, D, M, S, U,V,W, diamond and stem which have different performance characteristics. The yarn blades are extruded individually and then winded together in clusters. Usually there are 6 or 8 individual filaments per cluster.

  • Curly Yarn:

The material can be polypropylene(PP) or polyethylene(PE). It is commonly used as thatch layer in landscape grass to simulate grass roots and give a better and natural appearance. Also multi playgrounds, and golf putting green areas. There are two different ways to texturize the yarns.

KdK, strongly recommended.

Air texturising

Prettie Grass is one of the few yarn manufacturers who can manage KdK yarn.

  • Fibrillated Yarn:

It is also known as monotape or slit film. A single tape is manufactured and then cut lengthwise to divide it in several tapes, creating a lattice structure. Both polypropylene(PP) and polyethylene(PE) can be used to produce fibrillated yarn.

Fibrillated yarn was very popular many years ago at the early stage of artificial grass. Nowadays you can see fibrillated yarn mainly for sports, like football, soccer, tennis, hockey and etc.


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