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Prettie Grass constantly commits to offering the best products for residential application, from the color, softness, and texture of grass. With Prettie Grass products, you will be completely relieved from the pain caused by natural grass, including mowing, weeding, fertilizing and watering. Enjoy the lush, green grass without any hassle after work. The benefits from artificial grass are listed as below.

  • No mowing, no watering, no fertilizing, no maintenance
  • Looks and feels like real grass
  • Safe for children and pets
  • No fading
  • All year round

Prettie Grass is making residential synthetic grass for different regional demand and exporting to over 60 countries. No matter you like summer vivid green, or autumn olive green, Prettie Grass is capable to provide the right grass products. 

Popular residential grass styles:

product 1
product 2