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Prettie Grass has extended our service network since 2009 and been well-known as the top sports grass manufacturer and supplier throughout Asia Pacific, Middle East, South America, Africa and etc. Our sports grass range includes football turf, tennis turf, multi purpose artificial grass, and golf turf. Prettie Grass has not only high quality imported TenCate yarn but also in-house extruded yarn, to cater for the demand from different regions.

The artificial grass system, including Prettie Grass sports grass, silicon sand and rubber infill, has excellent sporting performance  in terms of ball roll, ball bounce, resistance,  and sliding friendliness.


Sports Grass for Football

Sports Grass for Football

Sports Grass for Tennis

Sports Grass for Tennis

Sport Grass for Multi Purpose-Prettie Grass

Sports Grass for Multi Purpose

Sport grass for Golf_Prettie Grass

Sports Grass for Golf